New release, Pandemic Suite#11: Sounds for abandoned industrial sites.

This is the 11th Pandemic Suite , and it is the first one to have been played using the Multi Mode of Blofeld. The first 10 suites were played usin just one sound. This one has been played using 8 different sounds. So is has more complexity and details. As the previous ones it doesn’t make sense to listen bits of it. It is an ambient recording and the aim is to create a mood, and the mood is created slowly, step by step, and to be perceived it requires a complete and concentrated listening.

Played live. All sounds played at once and recorded in real time. No overdubs, no editing, no automatic loops. Some effects added later.

Equipment: Blofeld synthesizer, Arturia Beatstep, Pandora Korg effects pedal, Xenyx QX 1002 Behringer mix desk effects.

Blofeld is played in Multi Mode, using 8 different sounds, combined in 6 channels, and controlled with the 16 pads of the simple Arturia Beatstep, programmed with MIDI Control Centre software.

Played on May, 17th, 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Artwork by AR.

Front cover photograph by Robert Melen, abandoned aluminium factory in Briton Ferry in Wales (taken from

Back cover photograph by Matthew Christopher, abandoned Fisher Body Plant 21 in Detroit (taken from

This a 100% free download work. A non profit release. I do not own the rights of the pictures. It is not my intention to infringe copyrights. In case the copyrights owners disagree with me using the images I apologize and I will remove them as soon as told.

Free download here: