Music for Qalupalik, Kanontsistóntie’s and Tah-Tah-Kle’-Ah, by Antoni Robert

The Qalupalik (also spelled Qallupilluit) is a well-known mythical creature of the Inuit, who inhabited the freezing tundra of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. These sea-dwelling creatures are typically described as half-human sea monsters with elongated fingernails and green, slimy skin.

One of the most terrifying legends of Iroquois culture is the myth of Kanontsistóntie’s. The Kanontsistóntie’s, or flying heads, were exactly that — disembodied heads with fiery eyes and long tangled hair. These heads floated through the air and hunted for humans to eat.

The Yakama, who live at the border between what is now Washington and Oregon states, say that the Tahtahkle’-ah were giant owl witches who once roamed the plains at night looking for people to devour. They most enjoyed feasting on children and could mimic the languages of the tribes to lure victims.

Played live during the lockdown. All sound played and recorded in real time. No loops. Some effects added. Equipment: Blofeld synthesizer, Arturia Beatstep, Pandora Korg effects pedal, Xenyx QX 1002 Behringer mix desk effects. Played in May 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic. Remastered in August 2022. Pandemic#13.

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