Esglaputs, Martingales, Andròmines i Persèides a Beuloví by NUUMU Code, 13/8/2022

Sir Pere Canals, bass, synthesizer; Sergi Gon, synthesizer , bass; Montserrat Marfany, voice, kochlos, percussions, objects; Jaume Martin, ektara, glockenspiel, xilophone, keyboard, singing bowl, objects; Sara Pons, trumpet, singing saw, nose flute; Toni Pons, drums, percussions; Antoni Robert, Blofeld synthesizer, Korg kaoss pad, effects, objects; Miquel Tuset, alto sax, sound engineer; Joan Vinuesa, vocals, objects.
Recorded live by Miquel Tuset & Antoni Robert at Beuloví, August, 13th 2022. Artwork by Antoni Robert. Many thanks to Paco Sandalinas, Teresa, Francesc, Juan, Angelina and Antonella.

This is the follow up of the 2021 experience “Tocant amb búfals i Persèides!”, released one year ago. This is presented as a triple cd. We played for a video, and it was recorded with two digital recorders. With the reocordings Miquel Tuset made a version, and Antoni Robert another version. The music is the same. The only difference is in the sound process made by Miquel and Antoni. The third cd contains the “warm up” before the video projection. Please find below the links to the two videos (images are the same) with the two different sound versions.

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