Pandemic Suites release. Second set.

We are living strange days. We don’t even know when the situation will return to a “normal” state. Perhaps never, because the problem was an incorrect normality. During these days “at home”  I am playing 40′ suites for myself. I try to find a suitable state of mind and then I relax and try to evolve the sound properly. Different days, different moods. I have decided to share with you whenever the results satisfy me. Those are “ambient” recordings, not songs or melodies. The only reasonable way to hear it is from start to finish, without interruption, because the mood takes time to reveal itself and enter your brain. Hearing those sounds partially and with interruptions is pointless. I hope you like it, and I am ready to receive your comments. All downloads are FREE.

For these Pandemic recordings, the artwork is done using different sources, and authors are in some cases unknown.

Moods are  dark and somehow sinister, but this doesn’t mean that I’m feeling this way. I’m ok, and the sounds are just appear like this. #10 was done under the spell of Bela Tarr. #9 was a struggle. All first 10 pandemic suites are made with Blofeld synth. I’m considering a change for the following ones, if any.

Listen or free download the Pandemic Suites here: