The Lost Sound of the Monolith by ZER0 DE CONDUCTA (2016)

From La Universal session (10-11-2016)

Improvised and played by:

Montserrat Marfany, voice & percussions
Jordi Buscà, bass & distractions
Sir Pere Canals, guitar
Jaume Martín, guitar
Antoni Robert, guitar, effects & obsessions
Enric Solà, drums & distillates

Words from the NASA audio (in public domain)
between Apollo 13 and Mission Control Houston

Apollo XIII commander James A. Lovell

CAP/COM Houston Jack Lousma

Images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope

The Solar System
Orion Nebula
Veil Nebula
Large Magellanic Cloud
Antennae Galaxies
“Mystic Mountain” in the Carina Nebula
Crab Nebula
La Universal, buc 10
Hospitalet de Llobregat