1 IS NOT 1, by Agustí Fernández. Nova Era Musica Secreta is rebirthing! Eleventh re-release!!

Agusti Fernandez, piano; Recorded by David Casamitjana at Estudi 84, Barcelona, on Febtuary 11th-21th, 1997. Digital Mastering by Coque Vazquez; Cover Art by Jordi Benito. Titles by Joan Brossa; Photos by Ros Ribas. Lay out Antonella Fontana; Special thanks to Metronom, Malpelo and Francesc Montseny. Produced by Agusti Fernandez and Peter Kowald. Executive production by Antoni Robert & Joan Solsona for Edicions Nova Era (1998), Musica Secreta.

Free download here: https://novaera-msicasecreta.bandcamp.com/album/1-is-not-1

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