Sculpture, by Peles Empire; artwork for Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017

Material: Dibond, ceramic tiles, galvanized steel, Jesmonite

Peles Empire are:

Katharina Stöver * 1982 Gießen, lives in Berlin
Barbara Wolff * 1980 Fogarasch, lives in Berlin

For Skulptur Projekte, Peles Empire has erected a gable, nearly eight metres high, in the immediate vicinity of the city’s historic centre. The gable’s tiled façade shows an image of the castle’s crumbling terrace as well as the supports that keep it from collapsing. The façade is braced by poles and propped against a stepped volume, whose surface is covered with black-and-white streaks, mimicking a stone surface. This surface visually anticipates the Jesmonite bar inside. Both are black and white and thus create the effect of a photocopy. The object, which is located in a carpark, is not just for viewing from the outside—it can also be entered. The first impression suggests some intrinsic value, but this is misleading: what looks magnificent and solid from the outside turns out to be a print pasted on a sheet of thin aluminium-based material. The size of the tiles and the stepped element behind the façade were based on the size of standard A3 paper. This and the black-and-white imagery are a clear reference to the technology of photocopying where every copy increasingly becomes an abstraction of the original.

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