Patxi Valera & Pablo Volt “Pope”, at LEM FESTIVAL, Barcelona, 11-02-2016

8 TRIGRAMAS by Patxi Valera, aquòfon micronecta and  Pablo Volt “Pope”, trompeta, electrònica, at LEM FESTIVAL, Seu de GTS c/ Igualada, 10 – Gràcia – Barcelona, 11-02-2016

Patxi Valera (A Coruña): Aquophone Micronecta Patxi Valera has created an instrument that turns water into sound and sound into dream. An instrument that lives and that may have already been dwelling in our subconscious for a long time: The aquophone. Valera is a percussionist interested in the richness of the diverse languages of percussion music across the world, particularly flamenco and oriental music. These, together with other totemic stimulus have pushed him to get involved with groups working on collective creation, experimentation and free improvisation, such as the Galician Spontaneous Music Orquestra (OMEGA). One of such projects we are glad to present here is the duet with trumpet player Pablo Volt. Pablo Volt, “Pope” (Barcelona): Trumpet, electronics The travel mate in this aquophonic adventure is Pope, a quite well known trumpet player in the Barcelona scene, composer and improviser that has made a way of living out of creative liberty: self-edition, concerts in unusual contexts and research in the field of production have brought him to a territory where dub naturally coexists with the punk spirit. He is a tireless team player as well, taking part in outstanding projects such as The Barcelona Improvisers Band (BIB) and IED8 with Pablo Rega and other distinguished improvisers. He is a current member of STA, Bradien + Eduard Escoffet and Fuego.