The Dark Side of the Men (E Blues) by ZERO DE CONDUCTA, 2017.

This one is about hard work and anguish, and it’s obviously a blues. We want to work; we need to work; we feel lucky if we got a job; but most of us are working for the Dark Side of humankind; or should I say “unhumankind”?

The Dark Side of the Men
(E Blues)

from Garcilaso session, 4-2-2017

Montserrat Marfany, vocals & percussion
Jaume Martin, casiotone, xilophone, glockenspiel
Dr Antoni Robert, synthesised guitar
offscope Jordi Buscà, guitar & vocals
Sir Pere Canals, guitar
Enric Solà, drums & hammers

Images: 1936 Footage of a Car Assembly Line, filmed at the Chevrolet Plant in Flint, Michigan, and of a Steel Industry 1944 Youngstown, Ohio.

Zero de conducta es un grupo de música improvisada, experimental, electro-acústica, electrónica de Barcelona.