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4 de 9 amb folre by Castellers de Barcelona, 8-10-2017

While thousands of spanish unionists were rallying against Catalonia right to decide on its future, catalans were happily enjoying their traditions. This is a beautiful example of human castles or towers building (Castellers) performed by the oldest group of Castellers of Barcelona, the Castellers of Barcelona. In the pictures you can follow step by step  the building of a tower called “4 de 9 amb folre”.  It means that the tower main body is formed by a group of 4 people in all levels (except the three highest ones), and the total tower height is 9 levels of people, and with folre means that the second level is helped by additional people that help to support the structure. The pictures were taken in Sarrià, an old town now integrated in Barcelona as a quarter. A really charming place. In the following pictures you can see the step by step process

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Barcelona Political Street Art. Exhibition From September 15th to October 1st, 2017, in Barcelona streets. EXTENDED.

UPDATE: THE EXHIBITION IS PROLONGUED AT LEAST UNTIL DECEMBER 21ST. FOR THIS DATE THERE’S A CALL FOR CATALAN ELECTIONS AND MORE POSTERS AND ARTISTIC WORKS ARE EXPECTED TO APPEAR ON THE WALLS OF BARCELONA DUE TO THE ELECTIONS CAMPAIGNE. HERE I PRESENT SOME RECENT ADDINGS. The Star Wars reminiscent art refers to the fact that for catalans Spain is the rest of the Castilla Empire. This empire has been loosing its military conquered territories, such as Peru, Cuba, Philippines, etc. And now it is the turn for Catalonia, conquered by Felipe V army in 1714. And the Empire counterattacks, the Dark Side conterattacks. But nothing can stop the desire of freedom of a country. UPDATE: the exhibition has been extended due to the extreme clumsiness of the spanish government, that has decided to jail two catalan leaders of cultural associations, that have not committed any crime. The not independent spanish

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