OUTER SPACE at La Finestra, Barcelona, 20-07-2018. Afro Soul Made in Barcelona!

Marc Mena – trumpet , Jordi Casas – percussion   (not playing in this gig), Ramón Aragall – drums , Alex Molas – bass , Gorka Garay – sax , Aram Montagut – trombone , Joan Urpinell – electric guitar.With a name clearly borrowed from Sun Ra, one would expect a sound inspired by the Arkestra, but instead during the gig other references came to my mind, such as The Blue Notes, Assagai and The Dedication Orchestra assembled and directed by the great Keith Tippett. The band and the venue matched perfectly and we had a really good time. A pity that this band does not play often. They sound genuinely african spirit.  A good reality and an even much better potential provided that they start playing often and regularly. At some moments the late Miles Davis came to my mind too. A band to pay attention to.