Group A at MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, 19-07-2018

Japanese experimental duo formed in 2012 by Tommi Tokyo (synthesizers, drum machines and vocals) and Sayaka Botanic (violin, sampler and cassette tapes). Their early shows came as a shock to most spectators, non-stop waves of avant-garde noise, intensely emotional poetry reading and performance arts such as half nude live-painting.
They have self-produced/released 3 albums and a remix single by Tom Furse from The Horrors (3rd album was later released on Mecanica Records) and played their first full European tour incl. TodaysArt, Soy Festival and RIAM in the autumn 2015.

Since early 2016, the duo has been based in Berlin where they are further developing their musical and visual materials. They have performed at local CTM Festival, Krake Festival as well as Many other European Festivals such as OFF Festival, Donaufestival, Roskilde Festival and Le Guess Who?, just to name a few. In 2017 their Mannequin Records debut 12″ came out.

Their approach to djing is similar to how they make music, creating and mixing completely different sounds and juxtaposing Tommi and Sayaka’s contrasting tastes. Their unique palette of sounds combines industrial/minimal synth/rhythmic noise with contemporary classical music and soundtracks from 60-80’s films. Their experimental DJ-set at Atonal Berlin ’16 and mixtape for Brvtalist are all archived on Soundcloud.

El duo japonès d’avantguarda wave synth group A va ser fundat el 2012 per Tommi Tokyo (sintetitzadors, veu, percussió) i Sayaka Botanic (violí, cintes de casset). Els seus primers espectacles van causar una profunda impressió en el públic, amb so noise experimental, emotives lectures de poesia i nus pictòrics en directe.

Encara que la seva barreja de minimalisme wave synth-heavy, avant noise, una imatge contundent i art performatiu conserva l’alè de pioners de la música industrial com Throbbing Gristle o Cabaret Voltaire, el duo ha anat evolucionant fins a esdevenir una figura singular, que comparteix cartell amb artistes com Acid Mother Temple, Merzbow, Nisennenmondai, Phew i Melt Banana.