New Video: Ales fosques (I&II) (Excerpts) by Zero de Conducta from Garcilaso session 15-7-2017

Montserrat Marfany, percussions, glockenspiel
Jordi offscope Buscà, Martin acoustic guitar, VoxLabEchoes & loops
Sir Pere Canals Miró, Roland synthesizer
Jaume Martín, xilophone & harmonica
Dr Antoni Robert, Fender Squire synthesized guitar, Roland GR-55
Captain Enric Solà, percussions

Excerpts from the 19′ track to be released soon.
Images from:
Flying Dove Flock by mrtimtangblog
White bird flapping on black background shooting with high speed camera phantom flex, by dizi sever
White dove by vliegvogels