New: SUCIUQ & Eli Gras, May 29th, 2009.

Eli Gras, bass & things Quicu Samsó, drums Quicu Melis, piano.
Recorded May 29th, 2009, at Estudi Bonsó, by Guille Pérez.
Cover paintings by Quicu Samsó. Artwork by Antoni Robert.

After the violent wind storm that collapsed some trees on the road and made it not possible for Quicu Samsó to be at the January 25th, 2009 session, SUCIUQ went to the studio again on May 29th, 2009, but by then Alain Wergifosse had left to Belgium, and so the quartet never happened. This time we had a different trio. Previously unreleased. This is the follow up of the task of recovering the work of Francesc Diaz Melis (Quicu Melis) a prolific and versatile musician. Eli Gras (Barcelona, 1971) is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist with an important influence in the underground panorama of Barcelona, that worked often in Madrid, France, (Germany) and the Netherlands. She also has founded La Olla Expréss, a publishing house, music label and cultural association. She is composer, multi-instrumentalist, illustrator, photographer and graphic designer as well. She has collaborated in several children’s books, animation films and in the production of special effects for cinema and advertising. She is also promoter of cultural projects and events.She defines herself as a specialist in conceptual hardware.

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