Agustí Martinez, alto sax, Quicu Samsó, bateria Quicu Melis, piano, Recorded May 16th, 2009, at Estudi Bonsó, by Guille Pérez. Cover paintings by Quicu Samsó. Artwork by Antoni Robert.

SUCIUQ was a duo formed by Quicu Samsó and Quicu Melis. SUCIUQ is QUICUS the other way around. This is a work with Agustí Martinez. This work was previously unreleased. This is the follow up of the task of recovering the work of Francesc Diaz Melis (Quicu Melis) a prolific and versatile musician. Quicu Samsó is a veteran and historical drummer, a former member of seminal bands such as KONIEC and MACROMASSA, just to mention two examples. He is still very active un the active Barcelona free scene, as well as a very fine painter. Agustí Martínez is another great veteran, that played before with Le Diablo Mariachi, All Quartet, We, Lotti Lewis & Good Time Sextet, Happy Times Jazz Project, Kamenbert, Bisnes ,Travelin’ Band.

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