New: Bitxus Breus by SECTA SUCIUQ

Quicu Melis, piano; Quicu Samsó, bateria; Jordi Vilella, percussió; Rafael Zaragoza, guitarra
Recorded September 26th, 2009, at Estudi Bonsò, by Guille Pérez. Cover paintings by Quicu Samsó.
SUCIUQ was a duo formed by Quicu Samsó and Quicu Melis. SUCIUQ is QUICUS the other way around. This is a work with Rafael Zaragoza (former member of SECTA SÒNICA) and Jordi Vilella (former member of SECTA SONICA, Orquestra Mirasol, Sisa & Dagoll Dagom…) . This work was previously unreleased. This is the follow up of the task of recovering the work of Francesc Diaz Melis (Quicu Melis) a prolific and versatile musician. Quicu Samsó is a veteran and historical drummer, a former member of seminal bands such as KONIEC and MACROMASSA, just to mention two examples. He is still very active un the active Barcelona free scene, as well as a very fine painter.

Artwork by Antoni Robert.

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