New Release: The march from despair to fear

Played live. All sound played and recorded in real time. No overdubs, no editing.

Equipment: Blofeld synthesizer, Pandora Korg effects pedal, Xenyx QX 1002 bBehringer mix desk effects.

Played on April, 7th, 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Front cover drawing by Vergvoktre (used with kind permission of the artist).

Back cover photograph by Roger Viollet pour le journal L’Illustration (1939). In front the father and the sister of Amadeu, she also one legged, after them Tomas Coll and Amadeu Gracia Bamala, one legged 5 years old boy after a bombardment on Monzón, during the Spanish civil war. They are escaping to France through the Col d’Ares.

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