NEW RELEASE! “Chez Pepe – tapas & bocadills” by D.O.S.

Dr. Antoni Robert, synthesizer, percussions; Offscope Jordi Buscà, guitar, samples; Sir Pere Canals, guitar, keyboard; Pepe Ruz, electronics, percussions. Recorded live at Chez Pepe, Pallejà, 21.1.2020.

This is the output of a fruitful session, just before the massive spread of the coronavirus. No overdubs, no edition, just like it happened. We post it today as an hommage to Victor Nubla, sadly gone away yesterday. He’s been a master and a inextinguishible source of inspiration. We recommed to listen each track as a whole, from the beginning to the end. We know tracks are long, but each track is a trip, and it doesn’t make sense in small bits. The overall flux is lost with interruptions. This is our advice. It is released as a triple cd, because in our imagination in a physical release it would have been like this. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. We are honest. We only release stuff that we like.



Free download here: