New Record!! LOOPS by Marcelo Acosta & Antoni Robert, for Hazard Records

Marcelo Acosta: synthesizer, bass, electronics, loops; Antoni Robert: synthesized guitar, samples, loops

All tracks by Acosta & Robert; All Loops of Marcelo Acosta taken from The Daily Loops Project; Produced by Fil Spectrumm 2018

The Daily Loops Project is an idea generated by Marcelo Acosta, also known as “Los Sabios Duendes” (The Wise Elves). Every day he composes, records and publishes a loop in this site:

Musicians from all over the world download these loops and create new works with them which are then published on @daily-loops-the-works. The main idea of this project is the creation of an international creative exchange network between composers.

For every track two loops have been used, except for track 3, where 3 loops have been used.  All used loops belong to the 2013-2016 period.

The loops of The Daily Loops Project have been combined and modified in order to create a sound base, and then I’ve added my own sounds and loops in order to achieve the final result.

Free download here: