Don Malfon, El Pricto, Diego Caicedo, Joni Sigil. Nocturna Discordia #171 Soda Acústic 13-06-2018

Don Malfon (Alfonso Muñoz): saxo alto, El Pricto: sintetizador (Pancrator), Diego Caicedo: guitarra eléctrica, Joni Sigil: batería. Nocturna Discordia #171 Soda Acústic · Barcelona 13-06-2018 This is what I could save out of the more than 30′ original recording. My Samsung Galaxy s7 edge failed during the gig and most of the time a noise spoils the recording. Some of it is still present, but the worse parts have been removed. Now my Galaxy is in USA for repair. It was a great gig indeed!