FITRAH at Sinestesia, Barcelona, 9-3-2018 BCN ImproFest 2018

FITRAH: Walid Mahmoud Mountassir, guembri; Josafat Larios Vitela, drums; Carlo Mezzino, piano; at Sinestesia, Barcelona, 9-3-2018; BCN ImproFest 2018.

In Fitrah you can find gnawa music (one of the main genres of Moroccan folklore) and free improvisation. The project was born in 2017 from the meeting of three musicians from three continents, Latin America, Europe and Africa and varied musical experiences (free improvisation, jazz, contemporary music, early music, gnawa, rock and blues). Here Walid playing with Embryo, with Christian Burchard:… Here Carlo Mezzino and Josafat Larios playing in Bcn ImproFest 2017, with butoh dancer Lydia Zapatero:…

Walid Mahmoud Mountassir is a young representative of the Gnawa music. We are lucky enough in Barcelona to have him living here, and we can often listen to him playing traditional gnawa, or fusion such in Gnawind ( or Fitrah, a recent project. He played with Embryo in the last tour with Christian Burchard, and in a way taking the baton from the great Maleem Mahmoud Ghania (1951-2015)  who played with Embryo before (  This a different kind of improvisation. And BCN ImproFest is open to different improvisation styles, and not only to the most known such as free jazz.

En Fitrah se encuentran la música gnawa (uno de los géneros principales del folclore de Marruecos) y la improvisación libre. El proyecto nace en el 2017 desde el encuentro de tres músicos proveniente de tres continentes, América Latina, Europa y África y de experiencias musicales muy variadas ( improvisación libre, jazz, música contemporánea, música antigua, gnawa, rock y blues).