Ymentas Sax Quartet i Deria Rectificadora & Orquestra “Do d’acords” i Baktun Ensemble at Mercat de les Flors Barcelona, 5-6-2018

Alba Raventós, dance / Uma Maraval, dance / Trinidad García, dance / Mireia Tejero, sax / Miquel Jordà, sax / Lluis Valles, sax / Devin Brahja Waldman, sax / Sarah Bells – Violí / Cristina Izcue – Viola / Jon Cottle – Violoncel / Victor Carol – Didgeridoo / Aitziber Olabarri – Percussió / Jordi Gomez – Trombó / Pablo Pérsico, conduction & all the kids.

Unusual and fascinating collaboration between a saxophone quartet of free improvisers, a chamber ensemble, a group of contact dance and an orchestra of kids from different origins , that live in Barcelona in a quarter where there is a risk of social exclusion. A great task of the conductor and coordinator of this orchestra, Pablo Pérsico. I’m sure that those kids are developping a strong love to art and culture. Hats off!!!!