Whatching the Wonder Wheels (As Time Goes By), by Zero de Conducta

Brand new video by Zero de Conducta. A melancholic reflection on how time flows and illusions are substituted by cold pragmatism (cold facts would say Rodriguez). Vaguely inspired by Lennon’s Whatching the Wheels. We, the band, are not at all pessimistic people. We are alive and willing to enjoy every moment. That’s the reason why we are sharing our feelings. And we are sincere. We will be happy if you feel our emotions with us.

Montserrat Marfany, voice, objects; Jaume Martín, guitar; offscope Jordi Buscà, keyboards, voice, drum machine; Sir Pere “Channels” Canals, inspirations; Captain Enric Solà, objects, distillates, smoke; Dr Antoni Robert, drums, effects; from 4-4-2018 Garcilaso session.