Tomorrow Never Knows by Zero de Conducta, 2017

Warming up at the beginning of the session shattering a great tune, with the greatest respect. A divertimento with improvised words by Sir Pere Canals Miró. Not all of us were aware that the recorder was on!

Zero de Conducta

Montserrat Marfany, percussions
Jordi offscope Buscà, Martin acoustic guitar
Sir Pere Canals Miró, voice and improvised words
Jaume Martín, percussions
Dr Antoni Robert, electric guitar
Captain Enric Solà, bass & percussions (not at the same time!)

from La Joncosa Piscodèlic Session 3-6-2017

Original song by Lennon & McCartney

Images from:
Kinetic Circles, videomapping (Pour l’amour de l’art), Modelo: Saray Diaz
60’s Garage, Surf, Freakbeat & Psychedelic Music – Vol. 4 & 22, (GrimlyFormingPW)
Seventh Sense (Excerpt) / 第七感官 (五分鐘版) (Anarchy Dance Theatre)