November 11th, 2011 by Albert Giménez & Francesc Díaz i Melis

Albert Giménez, guitar; Francesc Díaz i Melis, moog & violin.
Recorded November 11th, 2011, at Estudi Bonsó, by Guille Pérez. Back cover pictures by Guille Pérez. Front cover picture by NASA. Artwork by Antoni Robert.

New collabotarion of Francesc Díaz i Melis with Albert Giménez released here as a duo. Let’s remember that Albert Giménez is a seminal figure in the catalan undergroud scene, havin been founder member of NEURONIUM with Michel Huygen and Carlos Guirao (playing in the first and second NEURONIUM lp’s, Quasar 2C361 (1977) and Vuelo Químico (1978), the latter with ex Velvet Underground Nico). Giménez was also member of seminal MACROMASSA an the beginning, playing as Dr. T-Azul in their first recording “Darlia Microtónica” 1976. He’s been member too of bands such as NAIF, SUCK ELECTRÒNIC, and has developped a long solo cereer. In this recording Albert Gimenez plays electric guitar.
This is the follow up of the task of recovering the work of Francesc Diaz Melis (Quicu Melis) a prolific and versatile musician.

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