NEW VIDEO! Steppin’in’n’out (The dance of the bowlers) by Zer0 de Conducta, 2017

Improvised & played by: offscope Jordi Buscà, Martin guitar, echoLab, mac, loops, Jaume Martín, Roland piano, Montserrat Marfany, voice & objects, Lieutenant Enric Solà, drums, percussions, tea & sympathy, Sir Pere Canals, synthesized guitar, Dr Antoni Robert, Blofeld synth, sequencer, home made synth.

from Garcilaso session, 16-09-2017

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Images from: Hans Richter, 1928 Dadaist Film Man Ray, Le Retour a la Raison (1923) Maya Deren remix of Le Squelette joyeux, 1943 Auguste & Louis Lumière, Le Squelette joyeux (1895) Marcel Duchamp – Anemic Cinema, 1926 Martin Fish – N.O.Z.E.R.O – Viking Eggeling’s Symphonie Diagonale experimental film (1924) NOSEYBONK stop motion animation with creepy ass dolls WALTZINBLACK, 2013 Rhythmus 21 (1921) By Hans Richter VHS VCR Interference Noise, Pauls Vids, 2014