New release: MÜNCHEN 3, by Christian Burchard, Li Huangjia & Hiroshi Kobayashi. NEMS#23

Christian Burchard, vibraphone, santur; Li Huangjia, sheng; Hiroshi Kobayashi, shakuhachi, sinobue, flutes; ll tracks & production by Burchard, Huangjia & Kobayashi.; Released by NEMS by courtesy of Marja Burchard (2021).

The recovery of the music recorded by Burchard, Huangjia & Kobayashi is a project under the supervision of Francesc Diaz i Melis & Antoni Robert i Gadea.; Artwork by Antoni Robert. Cover image by Barbara. This is a free nonprofit release. The improvisations of three legends are in this recording. Christian Burchard founded the band Embryo in 1969 ans was its leader until his recent death. Embryo are still alive under the leadership and talent of his daughter Marja Burchard. Sound has been restored from a tape. Tape hiss and unwanted noises have been removed when possible. Sound quality is good, but not at standard studio level. This is an historic recording.

Free download here: