New release: MORNING GLOW by Satu Sinikka & Antoni Robert.

New release:  MORNING GLOW by Satu Sinikka & Antoni Robert.

This is the first output of a project of distance collaborations. Two different artists with different background and styles exchange sound files and work on it until a satifying result is achieved. This approach is based on “lateral thinking” techniques, and gets the artists out of the usual comfort zone. Thanks to Satu for willing to participate, and for her nice pictures, used in the artwork. It’s been rewarding to work with Satu in this project!

SS: voice, samples, OpenMPT, eJay hip hop, Cool Edit 96
AR: Roland synthesized guitar, Korg mini kaoss pad 2S, samples

All tracks by Sinikka & Robert.

Recorded at Hamina (Finland) & Barcelona (Catalonia)

Photos by Satu Sinikka
Artwork by Antoni Robert

Satu Sinikka a.k.a. Trakkerterrorist

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