New release: GUEN DAI LIVE AT COMMUNIQUÉ, by Hiroshi Kobayashi & Martin Hug, NEMS#15

This is an extraordinary document. A captured live session by the great flute player Hiroshi Kobayashi with drummer Martin Hug, at a legendary venue, the Communiqué, the underground temple of the Barcelona underground scene in the ninetees! Hiroshi Kobayashi, flutes, shakuhachi; Martin Hug, drums, percussion. Recorded live on 12-04-1994 at Communiqué, Sants, Barcelona.
A G’s Club session, by G3G Records. It has been recovered from a good cassette tape, and has been carefully cleaned and restored. But the recording means were limited. Tape hiss has been removed, but some sound problems are still there. But on the overall the sound is very good, and the performance is outstanding. The playing of Hiroshi Kobayashi was always magic. We will do our best to bring to light more recordings by Hiroshi in the future. In the meanwhile we can enjoy this! Recording made by unknown.

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