New release: GUEN DAI 20.1.1993, by Hiroshi Kobayashi, Eduard Altaba, Ricardo Arias, Lluís Boira, Rafael Esteve, Benet Palet, Quicu Samsó. NEMS#18

Hiroshi Kobayashi, flutes; Eduard Altaba, bass; Ricardo Arias, flute; Lluís Boira, electric guitar; Rafael Esteve, double bass; Benet Palet, trumpet; Quicu Samsó, drums; Live at La Cova del Drac, 20-1-1993.

Another treasure discovered in the vaults. An amazing concert of this All Star septet. Recovered from a cassette, the sound is not at studio quality level. Tape hiss has been removed and most of the unwanted noises too. The sound is good and the performance is amazing. This was a concert in the series of concerts organized by Edicions Nova Era – Música Secreta at La Cova del Drac (Plaça Adriano venue). In following years the concerts happened at the Fundació Joan Miró. We will try to make available all those concerts, as long as we get de permissions, and the sound is at least like this one. Those are bits of history, gems generated in the efervescing Barcelona underground scene of those years.

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