New: Live at IMPROFEST 2021 by NUUMU CODE, Barcelona 13-3-2021.

Marcelo Acosta, bass; Sergi Gon, synthesizer; Montserrat Marfany, voice, glockenspiel, xylophone, kochlos, objects; Jaume Martín, percussion, casiotone, voice, objects; Toni Pons, drums; Antoni Robert, electric guitar, percussion, samples; Oriol Rogent, voice; Pepe Ruz, electronic, effects, video; Miquel Tuset, alto sax; Joan Vinuesa, voice, text, percussion, objects.

Improvised live at Albareda, Barcelona 13-3-2021 at IMPROFEST 2021 Festival, a project of Miquel Jordà. We thank Miquel Jordà for the invitation. This is a low-fi recording. Due to technical issues the only available source of sound was the video camera one. This is a music to be played as a soundtrack for a video by Pepe Ruz. Sooner o later the video will be available with the music.

Free download here: