New: Hairy balls are not worth it by NUUMU Code, live at Lladó and La Pahissa.

Sergi Gon, objects, Montserrat Marfany, voice, kochlos, percussions, objects, Jaume Martin, objects (1), keyboard (2), Antoni Robert, Korg kaoss pad, effects, Oriol Rogent, vocals, Miquel Tuset, alto sax (2), Joan Vinuesa, vocals, harmonica, Drac, barking (1).
Oriol Rogent recites Comanche tales and fragments of the Ursonate (Kurt Schwitters). Joan Vinuesa recites his own improvised poems. Recorded live in Lladó (1), May 22nd and in La Pahissa del Marquet (2), June 4th, 2022. Thanks to Ester Xargay for inviting us to play at La Pahissa).

Dedicated to the man in the audience that pronounced the sentence in the title 2 before we started to play. It can be heard in the first minute of track 2 when only frogs are singing. Dedicated to his son that enjoyed the performance. This is a perfect exemple of prejudice. Before we started to play a man in the audience told to hid young son that we were not worth it. Maybe we are not! But please listen to us BEFORE saying it. Later on we were said that the youg boy enjoyed our performance.

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