NEW! D.O.S.#1#2#3 TRILOGY available

Dr. Antoni Robert, synthesizer, sequencer, percussions; Offscope Jordi Buscà, electroacoustic guitar, effects, sampler; Sir Pere Canals, electric guitar, effects, sampler, percussions.

First output by this Zero de Conducta spin-off. Improvised music.  The aim of the band is to make available most of their improvisations. No overdubs. So this is a true “live sound”.

A first set of 3 improvisations released as a sort of triple album with titles taken from the inspirational book of Kenneth Grahame ” The Wind in the Willows”, a classic that was a favourite for the great Syd Barrett.

The dusk advanced on him steadily, rapidly, gathering in behind and before; and the light seemed to be draining away like flood-water.

Drowsy animals snug in their holes while wind and rain were battering at their doors.

Nature was deep in her annual slumber and seemed to have kicked the clothes off.