Lita Cabellut. Retrospective. Fundació Vila Casas, Barcelona, 27-1-2018

Breathtaking exhibition of works of Lita Cabellut. A retrospective, but I would say better a recent retrospective, because it shows works of the last 10 years, and the artist started in 1978. Worth visiting indeed. It is obvious that Lita is a fan of Goya and Velazquez. It is easy to recognize the influence of those two painters, including the Pintura Negra of Goya, but in this case at full color. Lita is classical and modern at the same time. At the brochure then I discover that Lita was born at Sariñena, roughly at 100 km of Fuendetodos, the birthplace of Goya, and suddenly everything makes sense. Lita is a sort of Goya.2 Reloaded. Don’t miss it.