Journey through a wormhole into the home of the pataphysical ghosts



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Hidden Pattern #1. Journey through a wormhole into the home of the pataphysical ghosts.

The idea for this work came to me when thinking about John Cage’s 4’33” piece. Cage composed the silence, but what about recording the silence? So I left the digital recorder in a silent room for one hour. In real world perfect silence doesn’t exist, because outside the silent room things happen, and leave subtel sound traces. Through amplification you start to hear noises and hidden sound patterns. Some make sense, some do not, but all of them are potentially useful. After a long process of selection and manipulation you have a variety of sounds that you can use for composing. Sounds that came out of nothing.
No instruments at all have been used, just the sound captured in the original recording.
After several attemps with the combined “stretch” effect and amplification I started to perceive what could be taken as sort of spectral voices of ghosts from another world. Then all of a sudden it made sense. In order to visit those ghosts and record their voices I had to imagine a journey through a wormhole, and so experiencing relativistic space-time contraction and quantic flowing through many dimensions connecting tunnels. Rumbling low frequencies and sharp high frequencies will test the resistence of your loudspeakers and ears. Be aware of it. I’m still amazed about the fact that ghosts chants could be hidden under any recording. Discovering it is just a matter of digging deeper and deeper, and finding the door of perception.

Antoni Robert (Barcelona, 1954) studied astrophysics and quantum physics in university. He holds a PhD by Barcelona UPC. Always interested in experimental music and creativity methodologies such as “lateral thinking”, he had his own record label from 1990 to 2000, releasing more than 35 cd’s. In 2015 he decided to start producing his own sound projects. The first one to be released has been “7 Berlin S-Bahn stations on the way to listen to Achim (Hazard Records 87, 2015). And this is his second released work. His work is based on field recordings processing, and synthesyzed electric guitar, and strongly influenced by some dark ambient masters. In this work however no instruments are used.