Jorgen Teller + Mark Cunnigham, at Niu, Barcelona, 14-10-2015

STATIC TELLER live & MARC CUNNINGHAM guest artist presenten: ‘minimal rock goes synth’n’poetry’ – Recovering great stuff.

Call it minimal rock goes synth’n’poetry. (- and visual). In this project Jørgen speeds up new minimalistic text with vibrant voice-delays, his electric guitar; Le Bastard and static looped synths. STATIC TELLER origins are from TELLER’s residency at Rotterdam’s avantgarde studio The Worm begin 2014 working on an ARP 2500 ao. Opus 2 was created during TELLER’s residencies at EMS Electronic Music Studio in Stockholm december 2104 & march 2015 working on Serge and Buchla synths. To enhance the suggestive static songs Jørgen has created expressive digital slow-visuals of new sites and nature in cities like Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm, New York, Rotterdam. The first vinyl was released in a limited edition white vinyl on his own label LEAKY MANSION + on Bandcamp on Record Store Day 2014. The new vinyl will be released begin 2016.