HOMININ by Francesc D. Melis, 2009.

Francesc D. i Melis, violí, Dan Bau, electrònica, Mixed at Estudis MelisSounds, November 2009. Artwork Àngel Farrés. This double cd was issued in 2010 as a very limited privat edition, with an unknown exact quantity. This record has been possible thanks to Rafael Zaragoza, Marc Viaplana, Marc Valls, Guille Pérez and Albert Giménez, but they might not know it.
To the memory of Angel Colomer i Del Romero, Josep Mª Bardagí, Joan Mª Bofill, Jep Nuix, Josep Palomas, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Derek Bailey. Dedicated to Rafael Zaragoza, to the Spanish Atrocities Commitee!, and to Hadramawts.
Tracks are open. Anyone willing to is allowed to continue or finish it.

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