Deria Rectificadora Colectivo + All Stars, al El Pou de la Figuera, Barcelona, 2-3-2018, BCN ImproFest 2018

Trinidad Garcia, dance, Uma Maraval, dance, Alba Raventós, dance, Alicia Soler, dance, Conrado Parodi, lights, Nick Branton, tenor sax, Mireia Tejero, alto sax, Lluis Valles, tenor sax, Miquel Jordà, alto sax  at El Pou de la Figuera, Barcelona, 2-3-2018,  within the frame of BCN ImproFest 2018.

BCN ImproFest 2018 start up!!! And an outstanding performance by this contact dance company and the four saxophone players. The work of Deria Rectificadora is just magic. They appear on scene as a softly moving complex body, a single living mass from where now and then you see a foot, a hand or a head coming out, and then returning to the inside, while the whole thing moves like floating gently on the floor. And then the four bodies start to show their individuality, never loosing contact among them, and interacting with the four saxophone players, while Conrado Parodi changes and adapts the illumination moving the spotlights according to the needs. It is just amazing to be able to see that sort of performances and so closely. I apologize for the poor quality of images, due mainly to the technical limitations of my equipment. I’ll try to fix that for the future. A great performance.

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Recorded with Sony Handycam, not HD, sorry!

Real great stuff by this amazing dance company and 4 outstanding saxophone players. All improvised.