The Deconstruction of Lightning by ZER0 DE CONDUCTA (2016)

15439843_10209219448978357_4335256460640266718_n - copia

From Albareda session

0,5 seconds lightning deconstructed and processed.

Improvised and played by:

Montserrat Marfany, voice & percussions
OffScope Jordi Buscà, guitar, voice & distractions
Sir Pere Canals, guitar
Jaume Martín, guitar, voice
Dr. Antoni Robert, synthesised bass & lightnings
Captain Enric Solà, drums & thunders

Images : Lightning bolts outside my window in Dublin, Ohio recorded at 1000 fps on high speed video. This was less than 0.5 seconds in real time, by Travis Barkey

Zero de conducta es un grupo de música improvisada, experimental, electro-acústica, electrónica de Barcelona.
Componentes: Jordi Buscà, Pere Canals, Montserrat Marfany, Jaume Martin, Antoni Robert y Enric Solà.
Influencias: Krautrock, psicodelia, Canterbury sound, Indusctial, Ambient, Dadá, Contemporanea, World music
Can, Amon Düül, Gong, Velvet Underground, Soft machine, Miles Davis, OME Acustic