CUANDO … ADONDE, by Hans-Joachim Roedelius. Nova Era Musica Secreta is rebirthing! Eight re-release!!

ROEDELIUS with the help of / con la ayuda de, ALEXANDER CZJZEK : SAXOPHONE, TJITSE LETTERIE : VIOLIN, STANISLAW MICHALAK : CONTRABASS, VIOLIN, HERMANN RID : VIOLIN SAXOPHONE, ANDRES GIL SYNTHESIZER (track 11), HIROSHI KOBAYASHI, FLUTE (track 11). This was the second album by Roedelius released by Edicions Nova Era. Less known than Variety of Moods, physical copies of the record are a rarity and very hard to find. The mood is similar to Variety, but, with the exception of the first track, this one is more relaxed and quiet. And with a eerie beautifulness.

This is a pay dowload. Downloading this album is a way to support Roedelius. All the money received will go to Roedelius. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You can listen to and download this music for your personal use and pleasure. Any other use of this music (for films, advertising, political campaignes, dance, or any other) must be explicitly autorised by the owners of the copyright.

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