Benz Bonin Burr, by Cosima von Bonin + Tom Burr (1962 Mombasa & 1963 New Haven); artwork for Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017

Material: Low-loader, wooden crate, safety ropes

Strategies of cooperation, appropriation, and compilation are characteristic of Cosima von Bonin’s (* 1962 Mombasa; lives in Cologne) mixed-media installations. She navigates the viewer through a sea of references with her subtle humour, bringing influences ashore without any apparent effort and involving artist friends and historical perspectives in her exhibitions. Energized by Conceptual Art and Pop Art, her work keeps touching on key figures like Martin Kippenberger or Mike Kelley and makes countless references to cinema, literature, music, fashion, design, and lifestyles. In this way, her artwork presents itself more as the result of traditional tendencies, networks, and recurrences than as an original, individual artistic gesture. The large-scale arrangements, often in the form of animal motifs, mirror the conventions and rules of the art world and address von Bonin’s artistic identity within a network of relationships, dependencies, and role models.

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