Beliebte Stellen / Privileged Points, by Nairy Baghramian (1971 Isfahan); artwork for Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017

Material: Lacquered bronze, metal, lashing chain, tensioning devices, rubber

Baghramian chose one of the top locations in Münster for her work Beliebte Stellen / Privileged Points: the Erbdrostenhof (a baroque palace built by Johann Conrad Schlaun in 1757). In the palace forecourt she has placed an elegantly curved bronze landmark, consisting of three slender but heavy, interconnecting elements. They are held together by visible clamps and propped up in a few spots on the courtyard’s cobblestones. The open circle, measuring a diameter of approximately five metres, is explicitly interrupted by the dimensions of the objects, whose bronze casting makes for an optimal result. In the palace’s rear courtyard (which can be accessed from the St Servatii church square), six similar sculpture elements are piled up and can be used to assemble two more Beliebte Stellen / Privileged Points.

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