Asian Travel Sketches, by Miquel Jordà & Antoni Robert. NEW RELEASE!!

This work is already available. Some field recordings made by Miquel Jordà in southeast Asia have been processed and completed in order to create 5 different ambients. Digital download is already possible through most of the major net stores. Please find some useful links below. The digital download comes with the coloured ribbons artwork, done by myself.

Soon it will be available also a limited to 50 numbered copies of a physical CD, for object fetichists and lovers. For this limited edition we will use the Angkor Vat elephant artwork, done by Jordi Buscà. Anyone interested in one of those physical copies should send a message using this blog or facebook or email, asking for the details. And in case of interest reserve a copy.

We are very satisfied with the sound. We call it “ambient music”.

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