New! Four noisy one-eyed skunks trying to sneak from the next room, by D.O.S. 

Fourth output by this Zero de Conducta spin-off. Dr. Antoni Robert, synthesizer, sequencer, percussions , Offscope Jordi Buscà, electroacoustic guitar, effects, sampler , Sir Pere Canals, electric guitar, effects, sampler, percussions.

The aim of the band is to make available most of their improvisations. This one happened on March, the 30th, 2018. No overdubs. So this is a true “live sound”.

This one has not the title taken from the inspirational book of Kenneth Grahame ” The Wind in the Willows”, a classic that was a favourite for the great Syd Barrett. Instead the band made the title, reminding that the noisy band Mofetas Tuertas (One-eyed skunks) were playing in the next box, and the skunks can be heard in this track towards minute 21 and at the end. The skunks are present in this track.


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