PHICUS: Ferran Fages, Àlex Reviriego, Vasco Trilla, March, 13th, 2017

Ferran Fages – electric guitar
Àlex Reviriego – bass
Vasco Trilla – drums, percussion

Robadors 23, Barcelona

Why “Phicus”? What is a phicus? A fancy spelling of the plant? Or is the explanation more elaborate? I suppose I’ll have to ask… but in a post-truth society, it’s more fun to guess or fabulate… #phikenews?

Well, whatever it means, what it is… is a new trio in Barcelona, comprising three beyond-busy stalwarts of the free improvisation scene. I was already tempted to check them out but when they described themselves as a “Keiji Haino meets AMM” kind of thing, that clinched it.

So is it a good description? With a samurai unhesitancy, they plunge directly in – clang, rumble, and clatter – with plenty of power, an absence of fear, and manage to avoid both cliché and repetition. So far, so good.

Fages utilises a nice big open, distorted tone, plenty of hollow twang beneath the grit and grumble; every touch of a string provokes a clear presence. The dry tremor and hiss of Trilla’s kit is a systematic, almost scientifically accurate beating; you never know where the next blow is going. And Reviriego ranges from incoming storm front to introspective arco, shifting from act of god, to querulous plaint, to aching groan.

But it’s not all bombast and noise. The higher intensity passages carry their weight because of the juxtaposition with subtler, lower volume interplay – rattling clockwork chimes, muted arco drone, and gently brooding feedback…

It’s a no holds barred pleasurefest of soundplay, matching and contrasting tones and textures, introduced, layered and discarded in an unstoppable kineticism. In other words, it’s pretty bloody exhilarating to listen to.

A recording please, and soon.

Text by Dave Foxall. Visit his blog:


PHICUS+1: Ferran Fages – Àlex Reviriego –Vasco Trilla + Joachim Badenhorst. 13-7-2017

Ferran Fages – electric guitar
Àlex Reviriego – doublebass
Vasco Trilla – drums, percussion
Joachim Badenhorst – saxophone

Robadors 23, Barcelona
july, 13th, 2017

Phicus return to Robadors 23, this time accompanied by Joachim Badenhorst on reeds. Last time, I burbled on about “matching and contrasting tones and textures… layered and discarded in an unstoppable kineticism,” and yes, I’ll stand by those words. Phicus are carving out their own intense brand of precision disorder. Passages of glorious frenzy alternate with more meditative minimalism, and throughout there’s a constant energy, a seething potential being tapped and channelled.

With the variety of extended techniques on display from all four musicians, it’s difficult sometimes to identify which alien sound is produced by whom but to give a flavour…

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Text by Dave Foxall, from his blog:…

The Anisotropic Perturbations Ferràn Fages, Tom Chant, Ivo Sans. 23 Robadors Juny de 2016


The Anisotropic Perturbations

Ferràn Fages: guitarra
Tom Chant: saxo
Ivo Sans: batería

a 23 Robadors, Juny de 2016

Complement al que ja vaig posar, el concert a Soda Acústic de 15-7-2015 (i que tornaré a posar en el blog a continuació de aquest post, com a recordatori). Dos bolos separats practicament un any en dues de les sales emblemàtiques del free a Barcelona actualment.

The Anisotropics Perturbations es un dels grups referència en aquest tipus de música. Sentzillament brutals. Tres monstres.

Ferràn és un dels experimentador més actius del moment, tant amb la guitarra com amb altres objectes que ell sonoritza amb micros de contacte. Ha plogut molt des de els inicis amb Cremaster (amb Alfredo Costa Monteiro), però les ganes de recerca i de experimentar estàn intactes. Mireu el catàleg de Hazard Records per a escoltar coses d’aquestes (link a la dreta del blog, decàrrega gratuïta).

Ivo Sans és music i artista plàstic, present en molts dels projectes més interessants dels darrers temps. El seu grup de nom impronunciable (ISCCJMKMB) es una referència, i se l’ha vist tocar amb patums com Evan Parker i Agustí Fernández darrerament.

Tom Chant és col.laborador habitual de Eddie Prévost de AMM. No cal dir res més.

La unió dels tres és sentzillament brutal. Free adrenalínic de una qualitat fòra de tot qüestionament.