BIRINI BIRINI, by Zero de Conducta, Live at Andròmina Festival, Pallejà, 2-12-2017. FULL PERFORMANCE!!

BIRINI BIRINI (based on a text by Albert Subirats) by Zero de Conducta; Live at Andròmina Festival, Pallejà, 2-12-2017.

Montserrat Marfany: voice objects; offscope Jordi Buscà: guitar, electronics; Captain Enric Solà: drums; Jaume Martín: percussions, objects, casiotone; Sir Pere Canals: guitar; Dr Antoni Robert: synthesizer; Visual Pal: live video; Primo Gabbiano: festival organizer; Pepe Ruz: photographer;

Images from: London ’66-’67, 1967, per la regia by Peter Whitehead; Chas Wyndham, Airborn, 1968; Jerry Abrams, Eyetoon, 1968; Stan VanDerBeek, Film Form No. 1, 1970; Hy Hirsh, La Couleur de la Forme, 1960; Dan Agnew, Doppler Effect Version II, 1969; Liquid Light Show by Hanga Zoltan. Live videos of the concert taken by Dolors Sáez, Miriam Broceño & Pere Canals.

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