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NUUMU Code: Les Onze mil Verges i la Benedicció dels Animals de P​è​l. En directe a Cal Cens. 21/10/2022.

Pere Canals, keyboard, percussions; Bet Gàrgola, bass, drums; Sergi Gon, synthesizer, bass, guitar; Montserrat Marfany, voice, kochlos, percussions, objects; Jaume Martin, keyboard, guitar, bass, objects; Sara Pons, trumpet, singing saw; Toni Pons, drums, percussions, shakers; Antonio Puertas, drums, keyboard; Antoni Robert, electronics, processed voice, bass, guitar; Oriol Rogent, vocals; Pepe Ruz, electrònics, bass; Miquel Tuset, alto sax; Udri C. Vera, drums; Josep Millaret “Vicious”, objects; Joan Vinuesa, vocals, harmonica, percussions. Recorded live by Miquel Tuset, Antonio Puertas & Antoni Robert at Cal Cens, Orpí, October 21st, 2022. Processed by Antoni Robert. Artwork by Antoni Robert. Photos by Bet. Many thanks to Bet, Antonio & Vicious. What instrument the players play is approximate. Instruments were changing hands often. Hard to tell who was playing what at a given moment. This is a triple cd.   Free download here: https://nuumucode.bandcamp.com/album/les-onze-mil-verges-i-la-benedicci-dels-animals-de-p-l-en-directe-a-cal-cens

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