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El Somni Policromàtic del Dr. Melis by NUUMU Code

Sir Pere Canals, keyboard; Sergi Gon, synthesizer; Montserrat Marfany, voice, kochlos, percussions, objects; Jaume Martin, ektara, erhu, glockenspiel, xilophone, objects; Francesc D. Melis, electroacoustics; Toni Pons, drums, percussions, shakers; Antoni Robert, synthesizer, effects; Oriol Rogent, vocals; Pepe Ruz, electrònics; Miquel Tuset, alto sax; Josep Vila, vocals, effects; Joan Vinuesa, vocals, harmonica, percussions Oriol Rogent recites Comanche tales and fragments of the Ursonate (Kurt Schwitters). Josep Vila recites his own poems. Joan Vinuesa recites poems by Charles Baudelaire, himself, Lluís Gràcia and Miquel Bauçà). This work has been created around some tracks of Francesc D. Melis. All contributions have been improvised while listening to those tracks and mixed later by Antoni Robert.

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Sota Zero, by Efrén Razkin & Elara Elvira , Nau central Fàbrica Anònima, Manresa, 17-2-2018

LIGHT INSTALLATIONS / EPHEMERAL ART / PERFORMANCE / SOUND EXPERIMENTATION, as a part of the Ponts De Llum (Bridges of light) minifestival, organized by Primo Gabbiano & Visual Pal.Serigraphy on ice, illuminated from the rear by led cold light. The surface ice with the ink melts before, changing the image. After some time the ink lays on the surface, while the ice continues meling. Ephemeral art.  SOTA ZERO, means BELOW ZERO. The video made by Pepe Ruz accellerates the process.

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