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Laboratory Life, by Andreas Bunte (1970 Mettmann); artwork for Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017

Material: 16 mm films transferred to digital Video (colour, sound), between 2 and 3 min., accessed via posters with QR codes, in different locations. Andreas Bunte’s artistic interests focus on the interaction between technology, the human body, and architecture and the question of how this interplay shapes and determines our material and immaterial environment. His work Laboratory Life, which was created specifically for Münster, is based on the interplay between moving pictures and scientific experimental set-ups. In these films, Bunte removes everyday occurrences—like the rotation of a car-wash brush on a windscreen, a plastic bag flapping in the wind, or someone putting in a contact lens—from their original context and places them in a laboratory-like setting under video surveillance. See mote here: https://www.skulptur-projekte.de/#/En/Projects/2017/819/BUNTE

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