Tag: Mika Rottenberg

Cosmic Generator, by Mika Rottenberg (1976 Buenos Aires, lives in New York); artwork for Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017

Material: Asian shop, video (ca. 20 min.), plastic objects, street sign Mika Rottenberg’s (* 1976 Buenos Aires; lives in New York) film installations explore the seduction, magic, and desperation of our hyper-capitalistic, globally connected reality. Female workers produce goods in strange factories that follow elaborate manufacturing rationales. Rottenberg’s cinematic works, which have a surrealistic aesthetic and are rigidly structured in a spatial sense, emphasize the interrelation between labour, economics, and the production of value, and how our affective relationships are increasingly monetized. The artist weaves documentary elements with fiction to create complex allegories for the living conditions experienced within our global systems. See more here: https://www.skulptur-projekte.de/#/En/Projects/2017/837/ROTTENBERG

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